The Merit Of A Meritocracy

Since I reference the need for a meritocracy quite a bit in my articles, I often get asked who defines merit in a meritocracy. Who is the anointed genius determining merit?

The answer is simple: nature’s evolution. Nature already imposes an unshakeable and evolving meritocracy on all of humanity. Nature deploys a dynamic meritocracy, continually expanding the fractal of evolution.

In case you forgot, nature determines our future, no matter what hoopla of manmade make-believe we conjure up.

Darwin Out

Now, whenever the term evolution is mentioned, some people immediately think about the brutal pillage-and-plunder, described by Darwin, as survival of the fittest in which only the physically strongest survive.

This a scary and no longer valid supposition, for we now know evolution revolves around continual adaptability. Adaptability is an evolving composite comprising an ecosystem of factors, including physical, intellectual, and sensory attributes.


The bee species with a tiny posture and an even smaller brain will outlive the human species by some 16,000 times. The fine-tuned renewal of the bee, combined with its remarkable adaptability to an evolving equilibrium with nature, is why we should be in awe of its unique composition.

Intelligence as a critical attribute of humanity is valuable, but only when it enhances the composite of adaptability of our species. The bee does quite well without much intelligence but makes up for it with other traits strengthening the composite of its adaptability.

Intelligence is – thankfully – a dominating attribute of humanity since our physical strength compared to other species is not, and we must deploy our intelligence not to take cunning advantage of members of our species but to build systems by which we intelligently collaborate to expand the fractal of human evolution.

Therefore, how we build operating-systems for humanity is crucial to our survival.

Idiocracy Into Meritocracy

Everything in nature is a relativity theory, and the theories of absolutism humanity deploys are therefore fundamentally incompatible with nature—the reason why all manmade systems fail spectacularly soon after being implemented.

I further break down the dislocation between nature and human operating-systems in The State of Humanity. The difference is monumental and the source of our ignorance and failing adaptations to nature’s changing rule. The good thing about my discovery is that once we change the human operating-systems to reflect the principles of nature, we can reap new rewards from human ingenuity.

Even though our understanding of nature is still minimal, one of nature’s guiding principles is implementing what we can recognize as a dynamic meritocracy.

Nature’s meritocracy defines the kind of human adaptability useful to evolution. The merit of a meritocracy recursively adjusting and expanding in concert with the expanding evolution of everything in nature.

Define Meritocracy

This leads us from merit to the definition of a meritocracy:

A meritocracy is the ruling embedded in the theory of a system that assigns merit, or value, to the input of a system producing the desired output.

In evolution, that means the state of being, as input, will adapt by nature’s rule to produce an outcome recalibrated to the changing nature of the environment. The ruling of said meritocracy continually adapted to and in tune with the spirit of evolution.

Put differently, a dynamic meritocracy deployed by nature yields a fractal of continual expansion, the outcome of a previous iteration used as input for the next expansion of the fringe, with the rule of merit adjusted to a changing equilibrium with nature.

Humanity must move from a manmade idiocracy to nature’s meritocracy before it is too late.

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