Apple’s Former Long-time Siri Head Says Virtual Assistants Don’t Deliver On Their Promise

Oh, how the blind faith in technology keeps spinning its subpar centrifuge until the excessive speed of make-believe catapults its favorite toys into reality.

It pays to listen to me, I tell you. I have made similar predictions about the subpriming of venture capital, the deplorable stance of Facebook, the re-risking of asset management, the voodoo of economics, all coming true after the pageantry of positivity is forced to meet reality. We must build more advanced operating-systems for humanity and hold the promises of policy, capital, and innovation to account.

I wrote in 2011 how the enormous amount of false-positives would make Siri useless. Now, 8-years later, Apple’s former long-time Siri head confirmed my views, Siri does not deliver.

But oh, how this technology was paraded around as the best thing since sliced bread, touted as the first real AI even, with the venture capitalist involved brazenly touting his horn while having reaped the generous financial reward.

This is the manufactured idiocracy of so many in Silicon Valley giving technology a bad rap, selling it short by convincing a pageantry of greater-fools just about any shiny new toy of technology will change the world. Governments are rushing in to spin the centrifuge of technology for technology’s sake, even more, riding in the slipstream of this immature idiocracy. All while humanity is getting served the bill, three times, of technology not fundamentally improving human efficacy.

I love good technology. I hate bad technology.

Technology can indeed improve humanity, but it has a lot to prove. So, adjust your expectations:

  • Step 1 is to realize that technology is a tool, not the outcome of human ingenuity and adaptability (that goes for AI).
  • Step 2 is to realize technology must adhere to nature’s rules (built-in relativity, pluralism, etc.).
  • Step 3 is to build a thesis (of relativity) that determines what can be discovered, the system determining the desired outcome.
  • Step 4 is to deploy a plurality of freedom, not defined by technology but calibrated by the interaction of users themselves.

Read up on The State of Humanity to get more insight into the critical success factors that must be infused in the core of every technology play to serve humanity.

Find the article on 9to5mac, which in-turn references the interview by Business Insider.

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