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Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerden
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

It is outright laughable to see politicians in the run-up to the Presidential race in 2020 talk about what they will do to change the United States of America fundamentally. As a tribute to yesterday’s Memorial Day, let me emphasize how much our defense and fight for freedom reside within our borders.


Politicians agree on one thing; we must rebuild America. For we are on the cusp of losing our dominant position in the world, a world that must be inspired by renewable excellence, with all of humanity continually adapting to a dynamic equilibrium with nature and not remaining stuck behind the wall of a persistent regurgitation or extrapolation of any nation’s aging past. Nature – in case you forgot – we all depend on for survival.

The quasi-solutions these politicians on either side of the political aisle come up with are merely new mixtures of consequential bandaids to our broken systems. None of those mixtures will genuinely solve America’s problems, for no correlation of consequence can reliably revert to causation. Such is nature’s rule. A rule referred to as entropy, succinctly explained by Nobel prize winner Richard Feynman, in which cause leads to a consequence, not the other way around.

Selling Asymmetry

All the presidential candidates on the docket are trying to sell the American people that their “unique” mixture of consequence, in defiance of entropy, will revert to cause.

They sell the American public the equivalent notion that one could reliably infer the quality of gameplay from a final score in a soccer game. And worse, that a similar score in another soccer game must have come from the same gameplay. Both are false.

So, a Presidential candidate who preaches that their preferred mixture of the size of government, amount of taxation, employment levels, health insurance coverage, class distinctions, and other modulations of consequence derived from the constructs we have built will fundamentally improve the outlook of the United States is selling a heap of lies.


Seventy percent of the American public sees through that nonsense by not participating in the voting process. A portion perhaps only realizing what politicians are doing simply does not pass their smell test. I believe in the American people for that reason. Its current leadership not so much.

To repeat what I have written many times before, the U.S. President gets elected by an embarrassingly narrow sliver of a little over fifteen percent of the population. Some 85% of the American people disagree with the choice and abstain from voting at all. Such is the outcome of a 240-year manmade manacle described as “the most advanced democracy” in the world. So advanced that the vast majority of our people have no interest in it.

Indeed, our political “system,” too, is ripe for reinvention to improve the merit of governance.


When you intensely study, as I have, why the operating-systems of humanity do not work or produce the expected results is when you discover, first, that they are not systems at all, and second, that the normalization of the system in question does not comport with our best and closest proxy of nature’s truth. Again, we must recognize how nature’s law ultimately rules our roost.

You see, the terms we slosh around and sell to the world as the best things since sliced bread, like capitalism and democracy, are in actuality not systems at all, for neither embeds a theory that consistently produces the desired outcome from a selection of input, the definition of a system. The omission of a theorem embedded in the system, together with the lack of qualification of input to the theorem, renders any debate about the validity or excellence of any flavor of capitalism, socialism, democracy, communism, and the like moot.

Poor Systems

Nature’s truth bestows on us precepts we have failed to implement as a system. We built constructs that don’t qualify as systems.

Static systems evolve downstream only, deploy totalitarian monisms, and oligarchic vile-maxims induced by laissez-faire governance artificially restrict the discovery of outlier merit. Unlike the way nature deploys systems, using the freedom of freedom to spawn a dynamic meritocracy that yields an ever-expanding fractal of human ingenuity to improve our equilibrium with nature.

Human capacity and ingenuity are currently held hostage by manmade “systems” incompatible with how humans evolve. Manacles indeed.

As I explain in detail in The State of Humanity, nature is known “to have built” systems, principles, and processes quite the opposite way humans have. Almost the polar opposite of the way humanity built its systems. Nature’s systems rely on the freedom of freedom, a plurality, which induces a dynamic meritocracy that empowers the value of meaningful differences over the regurgitation of commonalities.

In Theory

The theory of the system determines what can be discovered, in the words of Albert Einstein, and the integrity and normalization of the systems we have built are not in line with the normalization of the systems of nature. The lack of compliance with the rule of nature is why manmade systems appear to work when first conceived but fail shortly after that. No system instituted to manage a dynamic plurality of relativity can be built on the foundation of static monisms of absolutism.

All of our current constructs fall a few dimensions short of tracing and supporting the nature of humanity and thus are guaranteed to fail.

Come Together

The beauty of my discovery of how nature deploys its systems lies in the hierarchical nature of its principles. Hierarchical, that is, with a twist. Meaning, that while the principles of nature appear voluminous and complicated on the surface, the order and logic of the hierarchy are straightforward to comprehend. In the same way, the outcome of fractal looks very complex, while the formula that formed it is easy to understand.

Even better, the workings of the principles of nature can be explained with a single metaphor appearing in a variety of instances in our environment, allowing people with a broad spectrum of backgrounds and without in-depth knowledge of cosmology, physics, or evolutionary biology to understand its workings.

From my analysis of how nature deploys its principles, I have concluded that we have failed to define a system properly and adhere to nature’s principles. Lastly, we have failed to assign the proper hierarchical process to what is supposed to improve the renewable excellence of humanity.


In The United States, we are expected to inspire the world. And yet, we have built operating-systems for humanity incompatible with nature in every aspect of the comparable triumvirate of systems, principles, and processes. Our current operating-systems are, therefore, entirely unsustainable.

In short, and characterized as incredibly solipsistic, we rely on the whims of finance to dictate how we comply with nature’s evolution. Instead, as depicted in the chart, we should obey nature’s evolution and learn from nature’s hierarchical principles to yield purpose-built production to enhance and renew human adaptability.


So, to rebuild America and inspire the world, we must stop tinkering with undesirable consequences from flawed manmade constructs. Instead, we must implement a new operating system for humanity and deploy nature’s first-principles proven to expand the fractal of human ingenuity and capacity for many generations to come.

Learn how here.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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