Why Democracies Fail Or Succeed

Georges van Hoegaerden
Georges van Hoegaerdenhttps://www.methodeva.com/georges/
Founder, Author, and Managing Director of methodEVA.

I was prompted to write this article in response to the false and dumb suppositions of a democracy promoted by the mind-numbing pageantry of humanoid supremacy conveyed by the political “experts” on television.

Even the well-schooled, well-endowed, and well-connected are not immune from this idiocracy of make-believe. Even supporting such manufactured consent by blurting out how we live longer and other gloating superlatives of self-importance. The bubble of my silence burst when I heard one of the world’s top financiers proclaim the U.S., despite growing evidence of a cancerous underbelly, remains a vibrant society with a bright future ahead.

The real power of America, as I have come to recognize, is in its ability to reinvent itself, in the words of Winston Churchill, only after all options not to have been exhausted.

Plausible dissent to our aging norms, combined with a healthy dose of skepticism, as ignited by this message, are the necessary ingredients poised to reinvent our manmade systems to yield better outcomes.

We must inspire the world by setting a better example we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

Master Ignoramus

Even if you dare posit the length of our individual lives on earth as a sign of a vibrant society, you are severely mistaken in light of how such range of life is achieved and the serious humanitarian sacrifices of long we collectively make to accomplish a vile maxim of cold and brazen selfishness of short.

Let me list a few facts that should prompt anyone preaching about the excellence of our democracy crawl back into the hole from which they came:

  • 15.8% of U.S. households are in deep poverty, living on less than $11,888 per year in one of the most expensive countries in the world, unable to take care of themselves. With 50% of households considered low-income.
  • 25% of children (in the public school system) do not know where their next meal will come from, living in poverty that diminishes their brain capacity by about one-third, and are highly prone to early reproduction.
  • 40% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, enslaved by the whim of their bosses, with less than $400 in emergency savings, and virtually unable to explore other options in life, let alone take care of calamities.
  • Forty-eight million people survive on government-issued food stamps, a dreadful situation that reminds me of post-war Europe.
  • 70% of Americans cannot survive without medicine, with 40% of Americans estimated to be pre-diabetic. Prescription drug use in America is the worst in the world.
  • The U.S. is now the second most obese country in the world, with 69% of Americans fed by addictive consumerism and drowning in apathetic denial of their health care. 57% of kids will be obese by 35, incurring cascading diseases. 75% of applicants to the army are unfit to serve.
  • From enslavement to un-ending consumerism and apathy, we waste 17% of GDP on mostly preventable healthcare, to the tune of $329 billion per year, with some 70% of cost deployed to people over 70, as we ignore the wellness of our youth.
  • Serious student debt delinquency reached $166 billion in the fourth quarter of 2018, with students unable to repay the obligation of steadily increasing tuition of a manufactured university promise and thus unable to purchase homes.
  • 48% of public schools underperform. Six thousand kids drop out of school every day, while we spend more on education than any other country.
  • Few Americans stand behind their democracy for a good reason. Most Americans are disenfranchised from the democratic process, and only about 30% vote. Leaving a vote for the presidency to land near a 16% approval rating, meaning some 84% of Americans are against or irreverent to the outcome.

To top it all off, and to debunk the ill-informed financier, the average age of Americans, already lower than in other countries, has declined since 2015. Even if the average age had increased, keeping people on the proverbial life-support listed above is not what constitutes human excellence.

The measure of a vibrant society, of any kind, is derived from its ability to renew itself — the strengthening of renewal leading to the prolonging of sustainability.

The evidence above paints a clear picture of the weakening of our renewal, a predicament responsible for the righteous disbelief in the future of American excellence, and the growing resistance for other countries in the world to follow in our example.

Herding Ignorami

Our hattricks of boosting GDP with the self-fulfilling prophecy of a finance sector eleven times the size of production impresses every “less fortunate” country worldwide. Never mind, such an imbalance of finance and production is unsustainable.

Finance, faced with a self-induced musical-chair game of disappointing asset-class returns, is now searching for new tricks. New tricks of outperforming the index of self. Good luck with that. Finance must attach to a new normalization of truth. I suggest we talk.

In the meantime, hesitant, defiant, or downtrodden countries can always be influenced by generous trade agreements, subsidies, and financial aid to serve us and, subsequently, at our leisure, be retracted on a whim. As a last resort, more stubborn defiance to our rule of law can then be met with the Neanderthal stick of the world’s largest and most advanced army. The lure of our attempted, primarily benevolent, totalitarian monism of globalization lives large.

Hence, the world has followed in our footsteps for all the wrong reasons. The only meaningful counter-culture currently is China, deploying its hattricks of evolutionary deceit in willful defiance to the perpetual renewal only real freedom can induce.

Our Democracy Is Not A System

It is astounding to witness how many people and countries appear to believe in and rejoice over our dumb implementation of democracy. They have high expectations of the outcome and fairness of the application of democracy without actually having defined said democracy.

How idiotic, silly, and ignorant is the foregone conclusion that what is best for humanity can be achieved by merely tallying the votes of all human opinions. As if the sum of all human wants is equal to the sum of all human needs.

What most humans appear to want is a Kardashian lifestyle, and nothing in that lifestyle expands the fractal of human ingenuity and capacity to maintain a healthy equilibrium with nature upon which the excellence and endurance of our species depend.

In the first place, the purpose of developing manmade systems is to avoid the pillage-and-plunder from which we as humanoids have emerged with a methodology that made us transition to a more compassionate species relying on collaboration to prevent early extinction and instead purposefully expanding our life-span on earth.

As I explained in a previous article in-depth, simply put:

Our democracy, in light of that definition, assumes a favorable output from all human input using an ill-defined theorem. That presumption is worse than pouring water into the tank of a combustion engine and expecting the car to drive away. The theory of a combustion engine should have informed you that the input of only a specific type of gasoline will produce the expected torque needed to take off.

Nature Rules

Indeed, we must first define the theorem of democracy and then decide which selection of input yields the desired output—the definition of the thesis is highly dependent on first-principles to secure the evolutionary strengthening of any species. And since the excellence and longevity of humanity are dependent and subjugated to nature’s law, all new first-principles applied to our manmade systems must come from nature.

The most crucial first-principle applied to everything, as Einstein came to find out, is nature’s theory of relativity. All systems deployed by nature are dynamic relativity theories, while we have invented and, in stubborn supremacy, keep invoking stale monisms of absolutism that hold the expansion of humanity hostage.

Indeed, our manmade systems adhere to no or ill-formed first-principles, making them incompatible with nature and erosive to humanity.

The explanation of a new operating system for humanity to which our democracy must adhere cannot be comprehensively explained in a blog format; a book detailing the theory and its implementation is forthcoming. In my in-depth advisory and a masterclass for policy-makers, I cover the full extent of newly discovered and hierarchical first-principles to improve our democracy.

Imposters Galore

Now, I hear from many imposters of change, sometimes supported by formidable backing and great endorsements. Again, for all the wrong reasons.

“We humans are, after all, pattern seeking mammals. And if we can’t come up with a good one we make up a bad one.” — Christopher Hitchens

I frequently talk with people who, as far as I can tell, with good intentions, aim to change the world for the better — all with either more downstream suboptimizations of our current norms or with bandaid-style circumventions to undesirable outcomes.

Stuck in grave depravity of reason (Nietzsche), they confound the consequence with the cause of our outdated manmade constructs. Their thinking evolving downstream only from the existing and foregone normalization of truth, failing to latch on to a new normalization of truth upstream, needed to fundamentally rewire how we build better and deploy new systems to manage ourselves.

And so I, unfortunately, need to shoot these downstream concoctions down. Humanity does not need and has no time left for more manmade placebos that pigeon-hole and mislead our offspring, like the following:

  • Cryptocurrencies are currencies, a consequence, not the cause of economic gameplay. The belief in indiscriminate trust in money is as foolish as the indiscriminate trust of tallying all votes in a democracy. Reread the above.
  • Economics will not save us, for it is a study derived from the extrapolation of hindsight trying desperately to deliver foresight to break the norm — an improbable predicament, equally steeped in confounding of consequence with cause. Economics can be reinvented to subjugate to nature’s principles, and a shakeup of its core principles is imminent. And based on my conversation with an influential multi-country organization, highly desirable.
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren’s “Accountable Capitalism” is a hollow promise, attracting the aimless wandering of activists. Accountable to what and whom would be the pertinent question in response to her supposition. In its current form, capitalism is, like our democracy, not a system. Accountability only carries meaning when it contributes to the renewable strengthening of humanity.
  • ESG, impact investing, and the like are hinging on sustainability, an evolutionary oxymoron incompatible with nature’s law that defines the renewal of investible assets. Expect financiers to pad themselves on the back by appearing to care about the well-being of society, as they, ignorant to the most fundamental principles of evolution, cement new financial constructs, in reality, damaging our social constructs of human excellence.
  • Multiparty democracies are a good thing, much better than a two-party system in the U.S., but only if the choice for such democracy is subjugated to nature’s first principles. Having a multiple choice of roads leading to the same evolutionary slaughterhouse is not what improves the quality of renewal of society; it merely defuses and confuses constituents with the same outcome.
  • Smart cities are not smart when the people living in them do not strengthen the renewal of humanity; the only value nature appreciates and rewards. Having better infrastructure by which humans need to think less and computers take over makes for dumb cities where a man turns robot and a robot becomes man. Hence, a smart city must be subjugated to nature’s first-principles to deserve to be called smart indeed.
  • Transparency and trust are outcomes, and consequences of Nietzsche’s teachings, not to be confounded with cause. Transparency and trust are derived from marketplaces in adherence to nature’s dynamic relativity, in which the trust and transparency of the marketplace are instigated by the dynamic composition of participants in the marketplace. Any attempt to first secure the consequences above will, by the nature of asymmetry and entropy, not correlate to a meaningful constitution of cause.

Renewed Perspective

We do not need to save our planet, for 4.5 billion years of earth’s existence will be followed by another 3.5 billion years. Our planet will recalibrate no matter what we do to it. Our planet has time. Humanoid existence is our concern. Our species’ longevity depends on the systems we build to maximize the continual expansion of the fractal of human ingenuity and capacity to deal with the depleting resources available to us.

We are on a proverbial knife-edge, by which the excellence and efficiency of our manmade systems are vital in establishing an evolving equilibrium with nature we depend on for survival. In the words of Einstein, the theory determines what can be discovered, with the excellence of the theory embedded in the manmade systems responsible for the quality and longevity of human renewal.

We must stop selling the snake oil of manmade concoctions fundamentally erosive and incompatible with the excellence of humanity and prevent us from falling off the knife edge. Our democracies must become evolutionary meritocracies, in which the value of merit is not defined by man but by nature.

Following the advice of Nobel-prize scientist Richard Feynman, all I have done is to pay close attention to what nature dictates as the guiding principles to maximize its excellence. We have a bright future ahead if we manage to reinvent ourselves, upstream and continually – for we humans have fabricated the systems holding the excellence of humanity hostage and are thus capable of changing them.

That change starts here.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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