The Electric Slide of Human Excellence

From the time animalistic humanoids evolved into modern humans possessing an extraordinarily well-developed brain, one would surmise the human species is bound to outlive any and all other species on our planet.

Au contraire.


Any Which Way

The reality of our evolutionary excellence is quite different, for not intelligence but the quality of evolving biological adaptability is the trait that defines the longevity of any species on earth.

To put intelligence in perspective: A bee with a pin-sized brain has already been around for a thousand times longer than the human species, and without the destructive impact of humans on our planet is predicted to outlive us by another thousand times, living an estimated two-thousand times longer than the human species.

Now, the argument of evolutionary weakness may not sit well with 63% of Americans who, supposedly, do not believe in evolution. I appeal to the indignation of unbelievers with the empirical evidence described in the underbelly of American democracy.

Either argument should suffice to persuade the reader we must do a better job of exploiting human intelligence to improve the adaptability of humanity.


Why Bother?

So, why am I bothering people involved in policy, capital, and innovation – my audience – with this message? Why not just let them soldier on?

My answer is that people involved in policy, capital, and innovation, in the words of Albert Einstein, are inherently involved in building the systems that determine what humanity can discover. The quality of those systems determining the fractal of human expansion responsible for the adaptability – and thus longevity – of our species. The people involved in policy, capital, and innovation, therefore, having an awesome responsibility way beyond the vile-maxim of self.

Someone who sets policy establishes a system instituted by rules determining the collective trust in freedom. Someone involved in the deployment of capital establishes a system of arbitrage determining what innovation is deemed worthy. And someone involved in the business of innovation builds systems by which its customers can collaborate and interoperate.

And who, my dear friends, establishes the quality of those systems?

Frankly, we have left it up to the people in the silos of policy, capital, and innovation to self-govern, all while the effectiveness of those systems has a lasting effect on the expansion of human ingenuity and capacity way beyond those silos.

The “leaders” of our country are asleep at the wheel of how to establish an overarching theorem that determines how all manmade systems must contribute to the enduring excellence of humanity. They have yet to learn what it means to govern, rather than endlessly tinker with undesirable consequences from a lack of governance.


Step By Step

Dancing, to most people, has been made easy by following the steps of The Electric Slide, invented by choreographer, pianist and Broadway performer Richard L. “Ric” Silver. Dancing, like the moral responsibility for the plight of others you have to feel, and for the masses who don’t, Ric provides a step by step guide to enlightenment practiced at parties all over the U.S.

The same applies to the path of enlightenment and excellence of humanity in general. Few have the wherewithal or peripheral view to comprehend why and how our manmade systems go awry and its inequitable outcomes ultimately come back to haunt us all. I hereby provide the step-by-step instructions on how to dance to our humanitarian music.

  1. We must acknowledge we have built manmade systems incompatible with and correlated to false normalizations of truth
  2. Nature has established better and supreme normalizations of truth, with human interpretation merely an evolving proxy of said truth
  3. I have developed a new operating-system for humanity based on the discovery of nature’s principles.

I talk with many people who are eager to learn more about step 3, without confidently acknowledging the observations of step 1 and 2. Akin to someone not quite comprehending why they need chemo when they refuse to acknowledge they have cancer. I do not want to and have no interest in selling you step 3 when you do not acknowledge the seriousness of step 1 and 2.

The buy-in to step 3 can only come from the acknowledgment of step 1 and 2, in the same way, a fundamental improvement to the Electric Slide can only come from understanding how the Electric Slide is performed. Moreover, any and all manmade models are mere proxies of nature’s evolution we still know very little about, my step 3 a much better proxy of how nature works, and thus in the position of offering a much better equilibrium with nature upon which we depend.


Renewal Is Key

Wealth accumulation, interest rates, GDP, policy, capital, and innovation harm humanity if those pursuits and disciplines are not designed to induce the strengthening of human renewal. The adaptability of any species, derived from the excellence of renewal is responsible for the prolonging of human sustainability, on earth or extraplanetary.

We, humans, have built the wrong systems for humanity, incompatible with the course of nature that determines our survival.

The bad part about that is that human ingenuity and capacity is held hostage by an artificial construct producing values with little to no renewable residual. The good part is we can easily change our manmade systems, and from there on out unleash the expanding fractal of human ingenuity and capacity.

Every day is a new day when you are prepared to change the music.


The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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