Born Today

If you were born today and grew up a little to understand what is going on, you would recognize how our manmade systems are incredibly outdated, stale, inflexible, and plain wrong.



With kids as young as 14 years old, from all over the world, knowing full well, we are spinning them a bale of lies. They tell me their thoughts because I am open to debate. They know the lies have devastating consequences long-term, for they see them. Those kids may not be able to pinpoint the precise origination of cause just yet. Still, they are often extremely reticent, apathetic, and dismayed to join a world in which lying and cheating is the way to get ahead in life. Like I have always been.

Which begs the question: why do we waste so much time on evolutionary inaptitude? Why do we not reinvent the systems that hold us hostage to manmade mediocrity from our past? Why do we not come up with better answers? Why are we so insecure?


Answer Alright

Even though I know the answers to what ails us from my self-imposed journey in search of root-cause, I pass the questions from these kids gladly on to the experts in charge of those systems, world-renowned policy-makers, economists, asset managers, including members of Congress. The response is often that of a deer caught in the headlights. Or like a parent struggling to explain why the sky is blue (hint: it isn’t). We do not need to explain natural phenomena here, but instead, we owe it to our kids to be able to explain and stand by the manmade systems responsible for human excellence.

For the theory [deployed by our systems] determines what we [humanity] can discover — Albert Einstein

So, explain how you stand behind this:

  • Why do we suggest we are the freest country in the world without having defined what constitutes freedom?
  • Why do we rely on the U.S. Constitution to bring us freedom when it never defines what secures freedom?
  • Why do we rely on a frozen scripture from the past to paint us a brighter future for tomorrow?
  • Why does a Constitution suggest human rights without defining the obligations that come with securing those rights?
  • Why do we expect a democracy to yield equalitarian freedoms without a sound playbook of freedom?
  • Why do we lie about the supposed integrity of our systems while they fail to meet the rudimentary criteria of a system?
  • Why do our systems not correlate to evolution and instead violate the precepts of nature we are ultimately bound by?
  • Why do we believe a single set of rules and regulations, a monism, can successfully encircle the innate pluralism of the world?
  • Why do we encircle the world with attempted totalitarian monisms deployed by our system, while our universe and everything in it revolves around relativity?
  • Why are our systems predicated on control, while nature evolves around equilibrium?
  • Why are our systems static, while the resources they aim to control are dynamic in nature?
  • Why do we sing praise to the coagulating commonalities of humanity, while the excellence of human evolution evolves around our innate differences?
  • Why do we suggest there are only two political viewpoints and embody that narrow purview in our legislative process?
  • Why do we assign freedom to money, when money is often acquired from precisely the opposite of freedom?
  • Why do we create systems of wealth accumulation while nature assigns value to evolutionary merit?
  • Why do none of the manmade systems reference evolutionary objectives when none other than evolutionary excellence matters to humanity?
  • Why is macro not macro on an evolutionary scale? Why is policy not policy on an evolutionary scale? Why is value not value on an evolutionary scale?



As I am watching the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court justice nomination going on, I am jarred by how far we have sunken into the deep-dark catacombs of human mediocrity. Especially when the candidate references how he merely intends to interpret the constitution and extend the trajectory of its previous rulings. Downstream human evolution at its finest. Where, as you ponder the above questions, upstream evolution attached to a higher normalization of truth is sorely needed.

We should all be ashamed of ourselves perpetuating the dog-and-pony show of make-believe excellence — the kind from which the world is steadily disenfranchising and distancing itself. The American people have succeeded, not because but despite the mediocrity of its government. Their dissent or ignorance with what goes on in politics keeps us all afloat despite the manmade systems that attempt to hold them hostage. By not voting, roughly seventy percent of the American public has already left the fray, and no downstream evolution of the same mediocrity will get them to come back and engage in the political process.


Born Anew

Born today, many of us begin to realize; you would never invent the systems we did. Because they violate the precepts of nature, we depend on for survival, and the gameplay they perpetuate are, in most cases, brazenly unjust and immoral. Any bright-eyed and bushy-tailed kid will soon realize his forefathers are not to be blindly idolized, but, just as with any theory conjured up in science, must be held up to constant questioning and scrutiny to ensure the integrity of the systems they invented are still the best on offer.

Our manmade systems are complete and utter failures across the board of policy, capital, and innovation. For the simple reason, they all fail to subjugate to the principles of nature that determine our longevity as a species. I know, because I was not born yesterday.

I suggest we come to our senses if we want to continue to inspire the world. And I am excited to show you the way.



The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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