How Much Crony Capitalism Is There In The American Healthcare System?

Oh, crony capitalism is rampant and quite audacious in the monetization of healthcare systems.

The most incredible one I witnessed from looking at some healthcare endeavors is the accountable care (ACO – Accountable Care Organizations) ploy deployed by health insurance companies to give hospitals and doctors a kick-back on how they manage to reduce the cost of care they give patients. In the case of hospitals, they are awarded millions when they manage to send patients on their way, either dying or alive, as long as they do not come back to the hospital for the same chronic predicament, especially intensive care.

Of course, this is all wrapped in an opaque shield left undisclosed to patients that masquerades as the excellence of care, blissfully ignoring that doctors alone cannot be held responsible for the accuracy by which medicine, as the broad stroke band-aid to 70% of Americans who suffer from compounding chronic diseases we still know so little about, actually does not cure but merely suppresses the ugly symptoms of diseases.

ACO is an opulent proliferation of a false meritocracy that under the hood damages the care of health patients pay exorbitant fees for, and do not know nor share in the kickback of proper treatment matching the disease.

Sadly, there are many ways in which humanity shows its inhumane side in the care of human health. We must stop fooling ourselves and deploy more advanced operating-systems for humanity to determine the kind of human excellence we can discover (Einstein).


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