Why Don’t We Solve America’s Incredible Wealth Inequality By Simply Raising The Amount Of Taxes On The Wealthy?

First, to get cheap karma out of the way, inequality, of any kind, is evolutionary desirable. Yep, read that previous sentence again if you must. I mean it. For the strengthening of the evolution of humanity is predicated on our (minute yet meaningful) differences. Our development inversely damaged by the regurgitation of our commonalities enforced by our manmade systems. Nature does not treat inequality as injustice — Au contraire. Only unintelligent humans do.

Second, the key and causal injustice of our current assignment of wealth are that it is not (at all) correlated to the evolutionary strengthening of humanity. Meaning, the merit of money is currently a rebel without an evolutionary cause. If not on frequent occasions, erosive to the evolution of humanity, as in how the tobacco industry produced an addiction now leading to the third leading cause of death to Americans was. Examples abound.

Third, the impact of instituting taxes is merely consequential protection of downside, a temporary band-aid of sorts, not the proper causal incentive to produce evolutionary upside consistently. A modification to consequential imperatives incapable of improving its causal detriments (stated in my previous point).

So, increasing taxes will do nothing to solve the causal fabrication of man-made inequality, attempting to trump nature’s assignment. Instead, we must seek to emphasize and reward the disparity of our evolutionary merit, in compliance with the rules of nature.

My point is, we have created manmade systems fundamentally incompatible with our evolutionary needs, as we consistently assign the merit of money in complete ignorance to our evolutionary wherewithal — a reason why we must reinvent our operating-systems to prolong human existence.


The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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