What Are Some Examples Of How Capitalism Failed?

The fallout of Stone Age capitalism is reaching far and deep, affecting much more than merely financial markets, even affecting the psyche and, thus, the health of humanity.

Capitalism is the exchange of money in return for goods or services provided. It is not a system but a symptom omnipresent in marketplace constructs across the world.

Capitalism fails because it is – not- subjugated to the kinds of freedom that will induce a dynamic meritocracy by which the merit of money will accurately trace the evolutionary contributions of the people providing a wide variety of goods and services.

We must reinvent capitalism to become a better proxy for human capital and be held to the same meritocracy the sale of goods and services are bound.

The impact of capitalism is vast and even omnipresent in socialistic or communistic societies. It’s fallout reaching far and deep, affecting much more than merely financial markets and also altering the psyche and thus the health of humanity.

The incestuous vile-maxim rat-race for wealth, damaging the social fabric of humanity, now even leading to a decline of our average age (in the U.S.) since 2015, despite and because of our advances in medicine promulgated by capitalism.

We are the second most obese country in the world, with 70% of Americans on prescription drugs costing us 17% of GDP, 50% of Americans have a chronic disease, 25% have two, 15.8% extreme poverty, and 75% of young Americans applicants are unfit to serve in the army. Just to name a few.

Capitalism, the way we have deployed it is not the secret sauce to human excellence. We can and must do better if a species with extraordinary intelligence expects to outlive a common fly.

Exactly why I began to reinvent the operating-system of humanity some ten years ago.


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