How Do You Separate Hype From Reality Specifically When Considering The Rise Of New Technologies?

Very easily. First, you must evaluate you either deal with a company that strengthens the renewal of humanity or in ignorance to that goal does the opposite. For humanity has yet to prove, with all the innovation we produced since the Stone Age, we can outlive a common fly. Our current manmade systems are not doing us any favors.

So, when building a technology company supporting the excellence of humanity, the humanitarian upside must be more important to you than merely filling your own pockets. The way to avoid the hype is to ensure the company’s proposition complies with nature’s rule, using the green principles in the chart above.

Of course, most of today’s supposed value of technology is feigned by valuations sold to a sometimes innocent chain of greater-fools, infused with pump-and-dump schemes by venture capital investors, soon deflating from hype to reality post-IPO, in adherence to the manmade fallacies from the red column, with the public as the last and sorry in the chain.

For a detailed explanation of the differences review The State of Humanity.


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