Are We Headed For A Recession In 2020?

I frankly care more about the incredible ingenuity of humanity, in its current form, not even projected to outlive a common fly. Thanks to the decrepit manmade operating-systems of humanity in violation of the rules, nature ultimately bestows upon us — the evidence of such conflict wide, deep, and intertwined.

You see, what some describe as macro is on our evolutionary timescale merely micro. Recessions are convulsions of economic statistics, and because of the confounding of consequence and cause in the voodoo of economics not at all correlated with the past, actual, or future performance of humanity. As the saying goes, “not everything that can be counted, can be counted on.”

If you are inclined not to believe me, I will challenge you to identify gameplay from the number of goals scored in a game of soccer, or worse, to insinuate another game with the same score would have come from identical gameplay. Or even worse, gameplay must have been really bad if a penalty kick was decided upon, the closest equivalent of a recession for the opposing team?

Indeed, all of these economic metrics are hogwash, or in other words, correlation not leading to causation, despite feeble attempts to portray the opposite. Ignore the numbers, focus instead on what causes human excellence. I do so in The State of Humanity, where I break down the principles we need to infuse into our manmade systems to induce human excellence.

I will leave the crystal ball of conjecture induced by the aforementioned depravity of reason, stemming from confounding of consequence and cause (Nietzsche), up to economists selling make-believe to the depraved.

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