How Can The Government Improve The Health Of The People?

I think it is imperative for people to understand only they themselves are responsible for their health. I should know because I live in a country, the U.S., where we tend to defer the responsibility of our health to the government. Fueled by our insatiable appetite for consumerism, we are now the second most obese country in the world, putting unsustainable pressure on a healthcare system not designed to deal with massive chronic illnesses while leaving a trail of a hereditary weakening of humanity. So much so that the average age of Americans, despite some dramatic advances in medicine, has declined since 2015.

To give you some statistics to ponder about: our use of prescription drugs, with 70% of Americans chronically addicted, is the worst in the world, costing us over $329 billion/year. The vast majority of those medicines are antidepressants. With pharmaceutical companies allowed to incessantly infiltrate and impregnate the minds of the general public in the media with the promise of life-altering cures, only a doctor is qualified to recommend. More than half of American adults have a chronic disease, and 25 percent have more than one. 75% of applicants to the army are unfit to serve. And let’s not talk about 15.8% of extreme poverty in the U.S. in feeble health as a result.

Now, while it is our responsibility to exercise, eat healthily, and go to bed on time to avoid feeding the funnel to care, a government can adjust the thesis that determines what (health) can be discovered. For one, the government must implement a new theory of freedom, paired with paradoxical rules, that induces a meritocracy of health to inspire people to partake in the strengthening of their renewal.

Our current operating-systems for humanity, including our approach to healthcare prescribing neither health nor care, are merely non-renewable as a result of their blatant violation of evolutionary principles. And in the end, when our systems of governance, controlled and defined by governance are not aligned and subjugated to nature’s rule, the sickle of nature will be swift and unapologetic, no matter what temporal safety net of a system of healthcare we desperately rely on.

Prevention remains the best healthcare.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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