How Can Facebook Be Regulated And Enforced?

A smart Facebook employs a different approach, one that avoids it being slapped with malformed regulation or outright rejection.

Well, a country’s sovereignty should be modified only by the execution of an elected process induced by the members of said sovereignty, as implied by the premise of a reasonable proxy of a democracy. Let’s suspend for a moment we have implemented the wrong version of democracy, not the topic of this question, but no doubt an impetus for many legal challenges of government, asleep at the wheel of nation-state excellence.

Facebook offers a cunning Trojan horse leading to open the back door of nation-state sovereignty, in blatant violation of democracy and, thus, must be regulated or thwarted altogether. Technology must subjugate to the laws of the state in which its members operate, or else anyone can rightfully disobey the rules of a nation, by merely using technology as its conduit.

The real problem with most technology platforms, Facebook certainly not the only one, is that technology deploys a totalitarian monism quite detrimental to the plurally innate to humanity. Technology companies violate many evolutionary rules that would otherwise allow societies to thrive genuinely. Not just that, you connect societies, but how you connect societies matters.

Recently questioned by our Congress, Facebook is now applying band-aids to its malformed model, as the corrective measure towards even more audacious constitutional land-grab by becoming the arbiter of freedom of speech. Quite the opposite of what needs to happen. Expect more fallout to follow.

If Facebook were smart, it would realize that challenging the plurality of sovereignties around the world is not an intelligent thing to do. The Nazi regime failed for a similarly disrespectful and totalitarian ignorance of the diversity of nation-state sovereignties; even it’s own. The odds are thankfully against anyone trying to rule the world with a totalitarian monism of any kind.

So, Facebook should use a different approach, of realizing the world is indeed in dire need of a new operating-system of humanity. One that embraces a dynamic plurality of freedom that inspires sovereignties across the world to embrace the best, simply by handing over the tools to regulate Facebook in their country by themselves.

Technology must embrace more modern principles of humanitarian excellence to survive the test of time.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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