Does Free Market Capitalism Exist?

Not by any meaningful definition of freedom. Our systems are oligarchically controlled today because they violate the freedom of freedom, a relativity theory. Capitalism as a supposition of a system (because it is not) is curtailed by overly complex, opaque, and stale monisms of freedom, quite oligarchically controlled by inflexible absolutisms unable to trace the dynamic nature of the assets capitalism is supposed to support.

The many concoctions of a supposition of freedom in today’s capitalism cleverly disguising freedom with the opposite of freedom. Or in the words of Goethe:

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” — Goethe

So, to suggest free-market capitalism exists today is to quote George Orwell:

“Slavery is my freedom”. — George Orwell

We must build better operating-systems for humanity to outlive a fly.

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