What Is The Future Of The Global Financial System?

Unchanged, a dire one. For its evolutionary fallacies, narrow the purview and weaken the strengthening of humanity. Unless we wake up and reinvent our global financial system to become compatible with nature’s rule, we depend on for survival.

Currently, our manmade financial systems are incompatible with the rule of nature, and thus, while providing short-term immunization of awareness, breed an artificial value-system responsible for the accelerated atrophy of humanity.

A realization echoed by Larry Fink, CEO of $6 trillion investment firm BlackRock recently.

I pose the following:

A business that does not strengthen the renewal of humanity, instead weakens it. — Georges van Hoegaerden

Indeed, it is high time to align the operating-systems of humanity with the rule of nature, if you care about anything else but your own sweet self.

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