Is There A Fundamental Problem With Capitalism?

Yes. The problem is not so much with capitalism as much as our dumb implementation of capitalism.

Remember, capitalism is the exchange of capital, usually in the form of money, as the remuneration of trust for goods and services provided. Most societies and people work by this concept, meaning most societies are capitalistic.

The highest-order problem with our current implementation of capitalism is that we do not measure the merit of money congruent to the evolutionary value delivered to humanity. Hence, the accumulation of money has become a vile-maxim rat-race for wealth long-term destructive to humanity.

That alone is not enough to save humanity from itself. We must reinvent the operating-systems for humanity to implement new principles in line with evolution. For the manmade rulings of humanity we currently deploy in blatant disregard for nature we rely on for resources puts us on a trajectory as the smartest yet shortest living mammal on earth.


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