Is It Possible For Any Government In Any Nation To Completely Prevent Rapes? Should People Themselves Not Raise Their Own Moral Standards Instead Of Always Blaming The Government?

To the first part: of course not, infractions occur in any system, how one deals with the violations determines their future occurrences.

To the second part: individual freedom must be paired with the sovereign rules of a nation to create the desired behavior. Put differently: a nation by its constitution determines what behavior is deemed acceptable, such a guiding thesis determining what can be discovered (Einstein).

So, when rapes occur in violation of constitutional rules, the enforcement of those rules need beefing up. Believe it or not, many stubborn religions take precedence over constitutional laws, like in countries practicing Islam, a religion that refuses, for example, the recognition of a rape in marriage.

The point is, one ought not just to rely on the morals of people nor just rely on regulation by government to fly right. An equilibrium of both is needed. A more democratic society is more inclined to practice higher standards of morality than a sovereignty bound by, say, the frozen scripture of ancient warlords.

So, I suggest starting by deploying the separation of church and state, more specifically a subjugation of church to state, to yield better conformance to the elected sovereignty of the state. Then, empower women by releasing them from the unquestionable subjugation to men.

In the words of Christopher Hitchens: empower women constitutionally and release them from the shackles of mammalian reproduction for the floor of all of society to rise.

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