A Massive Window Of Opportunity For Facebook

Facebook’s stance was morally ignorant and wrong, as I have pointed out in the past ad nauseam. But instead of merely taking punishment and dusting off, it now has a unique window of opportunity to define how to build operating-systems for humanity in a digital age.

I have been a vocal critic of the bad behavior of technology companies for more than 10 years, describing, in summary, how technology innovation is now relegated to generating mind-numbing advertising clicks, fixing self-induced security risk, and fabricating socioeconomic foolery. The majority of us didn’t care, because it generated money. Woot woot.

I also predicted years back either technology governs itself or it will be governed. Expressing in no uncertain terms how bright-eyed sovereignties will not let Facebook or any other technology company play hooky with their humanitarian values. Still, most of us did not listen. Even the media, the ones who fed, funded, and partook in this charade, publicly criticized my stance.

In my complaints about the socioeconomic fallacies I always made it a point to stress that we can hate the players, but we ourselves, by virtue of the systems we build, are responsible for the opportunity to enable such malfeasance to occur. For, in the words of Einstein, the theory determines what can be discovered. And if one discovers fundamental fallacies, the system not the players are to blame. The moment has now arrived for more people to finally acknowledge what I predicted.

I explained very early how innovation must be regulated, rather than blindly be allowed to rule the roost over our fundamental humanitarian principles. For the simple reason no person or company should be exempt from a country’s constitutional principles. Or else there is no constitution. We have conjointly dropped the ball by letting technology companies run amok, and we are now dealing with the nasty consequences. Consequences, I might add, the result of our own ignorance.

The recognition of the infractions incurred by Facebook and the like expose a threat to humanity I saw coming very early, back in 2008. And, in response to the early prescience my readers often attribute to me, I spent the last 10-years developing a new operating-system for humanity. A new operating-system for humanity that fills the gaping holes in our 240-year old constitution by establishing a higher-normalization of evolutionary truth. One that unleashes humanity from its current monisms, and instead implements humanity’s innate plurality to encircle the world.

The opportunity for Facebook is therefore massive, with an “attack” as the reinvention of our foundational principles as the best defense to our grave constitutional shortcomings. Let what happened be a lesson to us all. The lesson that no stale scripture of the past can be an accurate prognosticator to the needs of a dynamic future.

Again, Facebook’s stance was morally ignorant and wrong. And I doubt if there is any legal repercussion that will make it fly right. Nor do users flee in droves. My suggestion to Mark Zuckerberg is to demonstrate he is indeed sincere in his pursuit of the “broader picture” by laying out the missing foundational principles in our constitution that would have prevented this mess and, for the sake of the future of Facebook, set forth an agenda by which technology can begin to serve the renewable strengthening of humanity.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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