Why Are Politicians Stubborn To Economic Change?

Oh, lovely question.

I can speak from experience having visited Congress to talk about one of the most relevant principles our democracy is supposed to be founded upon; freedom.

I asked every member of Congress. I had a chance to meet how they defined freedom, and they all stumbled miserably and unanswered, annoyed by the question. One stunned politician, after I had given my rendition, even suggesting we should cover this topic, freedom, next year.

The point is that our constitution is treated as a bible. Everyone appears to use and reference it, but nobody seems to have good answers about its validity and current relevance.

Our constitution is a 240-year old scripture of incredible insight at the time of inception, yet with only downstream evolution and highly subjective interpretation only challenged by the Supreme Court. As a result, our constitution has not evolved along with evolution and falls miserably short in meeting today’s societal needs on an individual, corporate, state, federal, or global level.

Our constitution references freedom and our rights to it, yet it fails to define freedom, does not spell out why we need it, and lacks paradoxical guardrails of freedom to protect freedom for all from a vile-maxim of bad apples. Moreover, it never mentions our obligation to renew freedom.

So, when you ask a priest how it was possible that Jesus ever walked on water (or similar fables), you will get fuzzy and irritated answers. The future merely has proven the past wrong. And now you are asking a staunch believer of a foregone conclusion, the priest, why he never questioned that fable. And by not being able to give great answers, you are catching the priest in an ordinary lie, a story of make-believe he seeks to reproduce for self-preservation’s sake.

Same with politicians who bought into an economic religion that I have equally proven wrong. And the moment the public finds out the real truth, the oligarchic position and livelihood of a politician, dependent on the make-believe of the aforementioned economic religion, will be blown to pieces.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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