VC False Positive: CoolIris

CoolIris is another false positive promoted by the geniuses of innovation arbitrage I mentioned in 2008 would not fly. The outliers of false negatives crushed by the subpriming of false positives from VC foolery and collusion.

Similar to our observation about imaging company Lytro, but with less money-in, CoolIris went down into the coffers of Yahoo! unceremoniously with only $28M down the drain, and who knows what in return. And even if it produced a return, which I doubt, for it appears the technology has not been spotted seen since, and financial engineering without socioeconomic value is not what constitutes a positive.

As an entrepreneur, I suggest you do a double-take on the arbitrage of innovation deployed by the following investment firms and its listed general partners with a grain of salt: Kleiner Perkins, DAG Ventures, The Westley Group. As an investor, you should be remembered by the commonality of your uncommon performance.

Data and accuracy provided by Crunchbase.

BTW: I decided to expose this information to entrepreneurs and limited partners, for the marketplace of innovation should not be beholden to a systematic denial of a transparent meritocracy of its arbitrage.

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