How Do I Find Someone To Guide Our Startup To Policies And Practices For The Benefit Of All Who Contribute To Our Growth And Sustainability?

This is precisely the question every entrepreneur should ask themselves, as entrepreneurs are supposed to deploy information technology systems to improve humanity. Or else what is the purpose of building a company, when it does not enhance humanity in some meaningful way?

Today, most, if not all, internet-based startups build monisms of absolutism, monisms incompatible with the innate dynamic plurality of humanity. Stale the minute they are defined and increasingly resistant to renewal past an initial discovery by an innocent greenfield of curious users. A reason why so many internet technologies fizzle out rather unceremoniously post IPO, keep your eye out for a big one.

Monisms of technology do well in luring in an initial chain of greater-fool investors and even users, for the ploy of a single algorithm for the world sounds appealing and may appear relatively cheap to build, yet has proven to be an evolutionary lie on many occasions, even before the advent of technology.

Very few technology startups today, even amongst well-known technology companies, have any experience in establishing policies that guide the development of pluralism. They should, for their evolutionary relevance and renewal depends on it.

So, to build a viable and renewable company, one must ensure the systems employed by the startup are in sync with the systems of evolution, as I have outlined and provide continued advisory on. Technology innovation can and must tap into the fantastic and gaping opportunity of pluralism that encircles and embraces the diverse needs of the world.

The renewal of said plurality precisely contributing to the prolonging of human sustainability.

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