Why Is It Not Obvious Which Economic System Is Best?

Ah, good question. Economics should be about people over numbers, as in cause over consequence.  Many of the answers to this question are deeply lodged in the psyche of humanity, known to be prone to illusion and make-believe rather than appreciative of new evidence, evolutionary equilibrium, or reason to change the norm.

As someone proposing a new operating-system for humanity I see and hear first-hand the resistance to anything that challenges the norm set before us. As all real change is known to ignite.

So, let me spell out three innate objections:

First, the only economic system we should implement is one based on a relativity theory of freedom, like the one dictated by the rules of nature. Not an easy subject to grasp for people stuck in a religion of totalitarian absolutism that, on the surface, appears easier to control.

Second, a theory defined by a system determines what can be discovered, in the words of Einstein. Meaning, the system is the cause of the behavior of its participants as its consequence. Not an easy subject to grasp for a study of economics that systematically confounds cause with consequence, with grave depravity of reason, in the words of Nietzsche, as its natural outcome.

Third, our current economics are based on numbers, as the proxy for the performance of its people as relevant as the goals scored in a game of soccer. You got it, not at all a reliable indication of gameplay. Hence economic theories based on growth rather than the strength of renewal offers no reliable predictor of the future. For the extrapolation of hindsight is a terrible prognosticator of foresight that breaks the norm. Hard to grasp for people who depend on the past to envision the future.

Like with all innovation, upstream innovation of economics does not require the consent of those practicing the current religion of economics. It only requires the approval and understanding of 99.9% of people on our planet negatively affected by the flawed principles of such a doctrine.

So, keep questioning all the rules and methods set before you. And do not give in to anything that does not ring true to you, for your life ultimately depends on the manmade logic we consent to hold us all hostage.

Question your legislators by asking them how they define freedom, like I did in Congress, and be prepared to be amazed. Their answer will tell you without fail if they have ever questioned the rules set before them. The rules you are also supposed to submit to, and because we now know better, should be the impetus to changing the stale constitutional interpretation we hang our hat on.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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