Why Does The Free Market System Have Unfair And Unjust Aspects?

Free-market systems” are neither free nor systems and thus can turn unfair and unjust for two main reasons:

1/ Any marketplace will contain unfair elements simply because the attempted vile-maxim of certain participants, extracting unfair and selfish advantage over the collective interest of the marketplace, exists in any marketplace. The reason why any country, regardless of the kind of freedom promulgated, must still deploy paradoxical law enforcement to enforce and secure the collective interest in freedom.

2/ We have no free marketplaces today as we have merely deployed a monism of freedom to which our marketplaces are (sometimes) subjugated. Hence oligarchic arbitrage of stale meritocracies quickly establishes to support the interest of the oligarchy over the interests of all participants. An unfair and unjust disposition opposite to the egalitarian access insinuated by the “free market.”

To optimize free marketplaces, we must subjugate them to a relativity of freedom, the freedom of freedom, that spawns dynamic meritocracies responsible for renewing the arbitrage of the marketplace continually and begins to turn the arbitrage and function of the marketplace in sync with the ever-changing nature of its participants.

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