Is Capitalism To Blame For Inequality?

No, the root cause of unequal access to opportunity comes from what our current implementation of capitalism refuses to subjugate to.

The highest-order problem we face is that our systems (including capitalism) are at best subjugated to a monism of freedom, quite the opposite of freedom. So, not capitalism but our neanderthal implementation of freedom is at the root cause of our self-induced malaise.

For freedom beholden to one static definition of freedom yields the opposite of a plurality of freedom instilled by nature upon us. So, the systems we have built, subjugated to the wrong kind of freedom, are, by definition, in conflict with the rules of nature and, thus, with our evolutionary strengthening and integrity. Manmade systems by inheritance missing no less than one dimension of humanity, eroding the diversity responsible for precisely the expansion of the fractal of human evolution.

In the words of Goethe: “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

Capitalism is subjugated to the wrong definition and implementation of freedom and, as a result, does not yield a dynamic meritocracy that continually renews its arbitrage. Such capitalism quickly becomes a stale oligarchy employing an ever-narrowing standard deviation of merit.

A stale and narrow definition of merit causes precisely the systemic depression of equal access to opportunities that no longer happens to fit such an ever-narrowing pre-established norm.

So, inequality of access to opportunity grows at the inverse rate of narrowing the standard deviation of merit from a system subjugated to a stale monism of freedom.

The lack of a plurality of freedom is why capitalism does not form the dynamic meritocracies needed to create more equality in the world and why capitalism, in its current implementation, does not maximize the diversity of human ingenuity, skills, and capacity.

Hence, we must subjugate capitalism to new principles of freedom for it to produce the renewable value that strengthens human evolution. The principles I am prepared to convey to stakeholders.

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