Is Capitalism Broken?

Capitalism is broken because it is not subjugated to a relativity theory of freedom, the freedom of freedom, and thus currently merely regurgitates an ever-narrowing and outdated thesis that determines what can be discovered (Einstein). Any implementation of capitalism not subjugated to a dynamic meritocracy is guaranteed to fail, for a stale monism of freedom is fundamentally unable to trace and support the dynamic nature of its investable assets.

Yet, capitalism, as a concept, using the remuneration of money as the trust in value for goods and services, is a valid one when such trust is accurately aligned with evolutionary merit.

Our current vile-maxim implementation of capitalism, uncorrelated to our evolutionary progress and wherewithal resistant to change, has shown severe signs of distress already. It is guaranteed to fail spectacularly in due time unless we begin to subjugate capitalism, for the first time, to the kind of freedom that encompasses the dynamic ingenuity, capacity, and strengthening of humanity.

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