What Are Your Predictions For The US Economy?

Turning the inanimate animate is the socially accepted ruse of the widespread depravity of prediction. If you had read my previous answers or watched my video about The State of Economics, you could have guessed the general outcome of this question. Once more.


I repeat

First, the term “the economy” is an inanimate object dreamt up by man, in a feeble attempt to derive causal relevance from the consequential performance of human beings, by simply giving it a name and subsequently deferring magical responsibilities to it. We do the same thing with our medical diagnoses, as in giving an addiction a name from which we can subsequently relieve all personal responsibility. Turning the inanimate animate is the ruse of a confounding of consequence and cause yielding grave and socially accepted depravity of reason (Nietzsche).

Second, the consequence of the performance of human beings is no indication of future performance (that could break the norm). Deriving predictive value from the sum of goals scored in a game of soccer says nothing about the gameplay of soccer. Nor would the same sum of goals scored in the next game be indicative of identical gameplay. Nor does it offer any predictive value for future games. GDP is like the sum of goals scored in soccer, a meaningless derivative of human performance.

Third, and the most serious one, people, and governments have submitted to this religion of economics, steeped in the aforementioned depravity of reason, and are now using these mindless indicators as the gating premise and metric for the future. In short, that means the economic performance of the future can only be a sub-optimized outcome of past outcomes downstream, good or bad. Not in tune with the renewable capacity of humanity, which can, will and must consist of new upstream normalizations of truth that break the norm, rather than a religion of economics that can only regurgitate the norm downstream. In the words of Einstein, the thesis (of our systems) determine what can be discovered. And since our thesis is broken, so is the outcome we expect to derive from it.


Inanimate turned animate

Hence, “the economy” is an inanimate object promulgating widespread depravity of reason, leads to faulty reliance and bad decision-making, and delivers poor preparation for a brighter future. Using this inanimate object as the guide to human performance makes for manmade manufactured depravity in conflict with our evolutionary wherewithal.

Now, if your question was, “What are your predictions for humanity (in the US)?” I would answer it congruent to the excellence of the manmade systems we submit to, one that currently holds our future hostage.

We can and must reinvent our manmade systems to yield more reliable prognoses of the causal, not consequential, excellence of human performance.


The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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