What Could Be Done To Redistribute Wealth More Equally Within An Advanced Society?

Good question. The reason why wealth is currently not more equally distributed is that our manmade systems are, despite widespread claims to be free, actually in blatant violation of the most rudimentary principles of freedom, and thus have become oligarchically controlled by a rat-race for wealth, dislodged and often in conflict with our evolutionary agenda.

Oligarchic systems are by definition highly resistant to renewal, do not build a dynamic meritocracy, and thus do not dynamically reassign merit (of money) to anything beyond its stale, predetermined, and shortsighted oligarchic purview. And since the system determines what can be discovered, in the words of Einstein, only those willing or able to submit to the oligarchy are deemed worthy of merit and thus are assigned what I would refer to as hollow wealth. The kind that makes some of us the richest in the cemetery. All while leading society down a treacherous path of evolutionary subpriming.

The key to solving the problem of wealth distribution is not to manually tinker with the assignment of wealth as an undesirable consequence but to address its root cause. The root cause is a negligent assignment of evolutionary merit that subsequently leads to the improper wealth assignment. So, to improve humanity, we must begin to set a compass of how we secure and strengthen the evolution of humanity and then assign merit only to those who contribute directly or indirectly to such strengthening.

The systems we build to discover who deserves merit must then be based on new principles. Principles in sync with the laws of nature, entirely different from what we have deployed thus far.

As displayed in the enclosed chart, those systems must change from being static, rely on hindsight, regurgitate downstream optimizations, and turn, based on totalitarian monisms of absolutism into systems driven by a relativity theory of freedom to enable dynamic and renewable meritocracies.

Only when we change our manmade systems to conform to the principles instilled on us by nature (as in the chart on the left) will we discover that the standard deviation of evolutionary merit of us all to be quite different than the narrow merit our current oligarchic systems suggest.

Mind you though, equality remains an evolutionary oxymoron, for our contribution to evolutionary strengthening will always be different by virtue of our DNA’s unique sequencing. So do not expect the assignment of wealth to be completely equal, but instead expect its distribution to be different and dynamic, in line with each of our individual and fluctuating contributions to a society incented by design to – for the first time – strengthen our evolution.

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