Where Is Technology Taking The Economy?

Nowhere really good by our current neanderthal development of technology, much of it fed by advertising dollars and other Trojan horse monetization schemes.

Much of human intelligence is currently wasted on the expedited pursuit of a stifling vile-maxim of capitalism sold to innocent “greater-fools” as make-believe of human excellence, which instead ignites dire long-term consequences to human evolution. The broad strokes of which turns man into robots and robots into man, a double entendre of human atrophy.

You see, technology deploys systems by virtue of its algorithms. Systems – in the words of Einstein – that determine what can be discovered. Systems in blatant violation of how nature deploys its systems, and because we are subjugated to nature’s law, such incompatibility leading to our accelerated demise.

Today, technologists build systems that are evolutionary ignorant, for they are overwhelmingly static, derived from hindsight, based on oligarchic totalitarian monisms of control, with wealth accumulation as its sole measure of success, rewarding compliance to robotic uniformity as the accelerant to human subpriming. All while nature evolves around systems of equilibrium, fueled by dynamic and renewable meritocracies derived from freedom, driving the power of pluralism from our differences to continually expand the discovery at the fringe of evolution. The systems of technology yield quite the antithesis of the systems of evolution.

Indeed, the systems we build with technology today are in violation of the rules of nature that determine our evolutionary strengthening and renewal. Soiling of human excellence not unlike cigarette smoking in the sixties, now the third leading cause of death to humans (in the U.S.), for which we all pay excessive insurance premiums to boot. Unchanged, our systems of technology will lead to a similar weakening of society (fake news anyone?) at the expense of short.

Now, I understand what motivates technologists to slap their unbridled and ungoverned control over the rule of mankind, using some well-known tricks of neanderthal capitalism. For much of the economic religion that holds the premise of our economy hostage is literally voodoo science, crumbling at its ill-fated foundation, ready to be overtaken. A religion that consistently confounds cause and consequence and thus yields a debilitating fog of depravity of reason (in the words of Nietzsche).

But to replace a voodoo religion of economics with another false evolutionary supposition is a pick-your-poison death wish. Instead, we must begin to build better systems of humanity, subjugated to the core principles of evolution designed to strengthen the renewability of humanity, no matter what technology – if at all – we support those goals with.

Technology can be a great tool for humanity, if only we subjugate its agenda to our evolutionary needs.


The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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