What Are The Most Absurd Economic Theories You’ve Ever Seen?

The depravity of reason lies at the foundation of all currently prevailing economic theories.

One does not need to travel deep into the religion of economics to see its innate absurdity, percolating through all of the current economic theories. Let’s look at the reliance on numbers as the consequence of economic performance stemming from cause.

The most common measurement of economic performance is GDP, a number as the consequence of economic gameplay, not to be confounded with the cause of such performance. Our religions of economics feverishly compare numbers, like GDP, and suggest any reasonable inference to the cause of such performance can be made.

Kind of like inferring the quality of gameplay in a soccer game from the final score of the game. Indeed, a final score in soccer is NO indication of gameplay quality, nor can another game ending in the same score responsibly suggest to have come from identical gameplay.

As the final score in soccer, GDP is a worthless economic indicator stuck in consequence with no reliable inference to cause.

The reliance on and comparisons of numbers so frequently tossed around in economics is what Nietzsche referred to as the depravity of reason, stemming from confounding of consequence and cause. Such depravity of reason hopelessly failing to “work out.”

It is especially scary to witness how many people have made it their job to waddle in this kind of depravity and manage to advise and persuade world leaders about the long-term viability, competitiveness, and renewal of a country.

We, the people, deserve better leaders.

Leadership that does not tie itself to this manufactured depravity. To do so, we must reinvent the very fundamentals of economics to form more reliable goalposts by which human performance can be enabled, directed, and forecasted, with a new theory – for the first time – hinged on cause.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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