Is The United States Of America Better Served By Immigrant Assimilation And The Melting Pot Model Or The Mosaic Approach of Multiculturalism?

Regardless of the model, the majority of conflicts between people are derived from which fairytale of God they believe in and want others to believe in. With xenophobic religions claiming xenophobia as its enemy is the source of problems disrespectful of the separation of church and state in the U.S. Religions must subjugate to The State, it is that simple.


Subjugate To The State

So, the question is not an either-or question. The people in and coming to The United States must subjugate to the laws of The State, and assimilate in accordance with the democratic rule of The State, induced by a separation of church and state instituted by our founding fathers. For most immigrants that is not a problem except for the staunchly religious, who by their totalitarian faith hold on to scripture of religion, in their country of origin superseding or dictating the laws of their state.

Hence, the many conflicts of assimilation occur when religious people are by the laws of The United States denied their full adherence to the literal interpretation of the ancient scripture of their religion. So, precisely the unwillingness of some of the more than one-hundred religions to subjugate to the rule of The State forms the dysfunctional ruse of a moral high-ground they so often award themselves. With totalitarian religions steeped in xenophobia falsely claiming xenophobia of its infidels as their adversary.


Or Get Out

In the words of Christopher Hitchens: religion poisons everything, including the progress and process of assimilation that can only occur smoothly when we all subjugate to the democratic rule of The State we collectively and continuously renew to improve ourselves.

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