If The United States Of America Is Better Served By Immigrant Assimilation And The Melting Pot Model, Why Are We More Tolerant Of Jewish Over Islamic Immigrants As Neither Seem To Assimilate?

The world and The United States are better off without any religion, for they are all fairy tales that through indoctrination remove exactly the critical faculties so important to humanity; thinking for yourself. It behooves people to not be subjugated to any messianic religion, stuck behind its preachings frozen in time, and proven false at every turn.

But religions are not going away anytime soon, as the belief in the Easter bunny will not. Most of humanity enjoys religions like they enjoy having their horoscope read by a fortune teller for money. Religion is big business, perpetuated by those who take it for a glorious ride. It pays to steal money from the hopeless.

From experience, I see Jews in this country assimilate pretty well, unlike many Muslims who adhere to the Koran in conjunction with the Hadith, while they attempt to spread a vile and totalitarian final solution across the world. A religion of xenophobes cunningly claiming xenophobia as its adversary.

Jews coexist and integrate pretty well and have respect for many other religions, of which there are about 100 on earth today. Not so with Muslims who are made to believe they have the right to kill infidels, to name just one if its horrific commandments. A commandment more than 70% of Muslims still deem valid, as was witnessed when writers published cartoons on Mohammed.

The religion of Islam is not moderate, and nor will its followers ever be. For it proclaims itself to be the last and final solution. Loving death more than we love life.

For Muslims to assimilate well in The United States means they must give up some very foundational commandments of their religion, for a country that separates church and state demands any religion must, therefore, be subjugated to The State. We can be tolerant of Islam only when we castrate it to the laws of our State, which would leave the religion void of exactly why and how it grants itself the rights of supremacy.

All religions must subjugate to The State. No exceptions.

P.S.: I refer you to the excellent analyses of (the late) Christopher Hitchens on YouTube on the subject.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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