How Do Free-Market Countries Deal With Financial Crashes Without Too Much Government Intervention?

We do not have free-market countries today, for we have no free-markets today supporting any meaningful proxy of freedom. We have deployed monisms of freedom quite the opposite of free. Our operating-systems of humanity are a pretense of freedom violating the most rudimentary plurality of freedom, to each his own, incompatible with how nature deploys its systems.

Hence, financial crashes are resolved, not by the intrinsic performance and self-governance of marketplace participants, but can only be resolved with endless sub-optimizations of oligarchic controls of said monisms.

Until we deploy manmade systems to endorse a plurality of freedom, must we not expect marketplaces to correct themselves. For no problem caused by the arbitrage of an oligarchy will yield compassion with participants, it will be exploited instead.

Hence government intervention is the only last-ditch rescue we have today to prevent our systems from completely running off the rails. We must build better operating-systems for humanity to expect to gain the benefits of self-governance from freedom. Until that time, expect the iterations of financial crashes to intensify.

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