What Does A Stock’s Negative Growth Rate Imply?

Nothing necessarily but a disappointment and perhaps realization expressed by “greater-fools” of a company value not currently matching up with the promise of its valuation. Correlation not irrefutably establishing causation.

Just like in a game of soccer the number of goals scored is no indication of the quality of gameplay, in the same way, the stock price is not an accurate reflection of the performance of a company. Do not confound a consequence of an outcome (a number) with its cause (its ability to execute), or you will fall into a deep hole of depravity of reason (Nietzsche).

In your assessment of a company, focus instead on the long of the company’s mission, timing, and the products and services launched in support of that mission. A trajectory bound to see many bumps on the road of short, and yet, with the right leadership, will reach the upside you can bet the farm of your beliefs on.

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