TechCrunch:Toxic VC and the marginal-dollar problem

Ten years after I wrote how venture capital turned subprime and after the Kauffman Foundation according to my readers plagiarized my analysis and conclusions, publication TechCrunch now comes around to a similar realization. Oh, how the world turns around again to meet me.

And I comment

Glad you recognize the problem with venture capital some ten years after I wrote about it as it now stares you in the face. The problem, however, is not just with venture capital but with all financial arbitrage that violates the most rudimentary principles our country was founded upon. Here is the flashback:…/subprime-venture-capital/

Feast on the systemic issues in The (first ever) State of Venture Capital. Now let us fix this manmade mess. Because we can if we dare to take ourselves on.

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