Opioid Addiction, The New Cry-Baby Of A Nanny State

Charlie Rose interviews Peter Santoro, vice president of the Lower East Side Service Center, and Dr. Lipi Roy of NYU to discuss the national opioid crisis, described by President Trump’s today as a “public health emergency.”

My comment:

Nonsense, addiction is in essence a process of natural selection. There are many things one can get addicted to in life, most things nobody but yourself is accountable for. If you cannot manage yourself, I am afraid I don’t want you soiling our human gene pool with such cascading mental weakness and instability. There is not enough time, money and effort in the world to make up for the lack of responsibility to your own sanity and actions.

Enough with the nanny state already. We must however build better operating-systems for humanity to broaden the contribution of evolutionary merit and thereby stave off the artificial exclusion that may ultimately lead too many people to become desperately addicted.

We must begin to balance the “cheap” karma of short in trying to save everyone with the long of the renewable strengthening of our evolution. Milking the endless karma of short is what endears the weak, not what strengthens those who must make up for them.

As has been said before, if you have a problem that you want to be adopted by society, all you need to do is give it a name and the responsibility of your problem has magically shifted away from you.

Enjoy the apologists:


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