How To Kill Humanity: Man Becomes Robot While Robot Becomes Man

Manmade systems in violation of the most fundamental principles of freedom – we have today – turn those systems inevitably subprime, with its participants colluding into increasingly robotic behavior, idolizing narrowing and stifling commonalities.

While at the same time technologists with similar disrespect for a plurality of freedom, their controls embedded into artificial intelligence do their best to turn robots into man as the fastest way to deflate human core competency. We truly have lost our collective minds, not paying close attention to the dire consequences of either.

Neither should occur if you care enough about the well-being of humanity. We must deploy a new evolutionary compass, like the one I have built, with strong foundational principles to prolong rather than poison the evolution of humanity, by unleashing us from the dumb systems and principles that currently hold us hostage. Our current ignorance makes mankind indeed the biggest threat to itself.

Wake up, people!

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