What Is The Market?

A great foundational question, one that must be answered unequivocally to prove the integrity and robustness of the manmade systems that use such a definition. Challenging the very foundational beliefs and principles of our manmade theories is what aims to make them better, in the same way, science seeks to challenge itself continually to come up with better answers to manmade proxies of evolutionary truth. So, let me pull “The Market” pacifier out of anyone’s mouth, expect some babies to start crying.

Conflate and inflate

“The Market” is a manmade inanimate concoction that does not exist but in the hallucinations of humanity. Its widespread adoption, reference, and dependence serving as the glaring evidence of the mass hysteria and enslavement to manmade foolery. Let me explain.

You see, a market is a mere consequence of the causal formation of a marketplace. The latter being a physical place, usually in the center of town, where (from ancient times onwards) farmers from the vicinity would congregate to sell their wares. Every city would have its town-center marketplace(s), at which both local and distant farmers could sell their wares.

Consequently, local and distant people would gather to investigate the wares being sold and trade those wares with whatever money, goods, and services they in-turn had to offer. This formed the foundation from which the majority of today’s sales, trade, and auction systems are derived.

The number of people engaged in transactions or the total size of transactions performed is what mankind has since confabulated into “a market”, as the temporal consequence derived from the causal trading in a marketplace. The problem with using “The Market” as an accurate prognosticator of truth can perhaps best be explained by how math is incompatible with evolutionary truth.


Let me use a simple math equation: 2 + 2 = 4.

In this formula, 2 + 2 is the causal element that forms an undeniable consequence of 4. In math, we have all been taught; such an equation can be comfortably reversed to become: 4 = 2 + 2. Not so in the laws of evolution, where a consequence of 4 could instead be derived from an endless array of causal circumstances, not in the least 1 + 3, -2 + 6, 3 + 1, etc.. Assuming symmetry and swapping consequence with cause, as math inappropriately suggests, creates systematic depravity of reason, with mindless predictions of most plausible cause to boot.

A depravity of reason as severe as using a country’s GDP as a measurement of causal human excellence, or using the performance of stock indices as an indicator of our collective economic performance, or as using the stock price of a company as the viability of the company, or as using the final score in a game of soccer as an indication of the quality of gameplay.

By understanding how the manmade concept of “The Market” is merely a consequence of the causal formation of a marketplace, one must now understand how the declaration of “The Market” does not at all guarantee the existence of a viable marketplace from which the purported outcomes can be derived.

Depravity of reason

Precisely this kind of omnipresent manmade depravity of reason, stemming from a systemic confounding of consequence and cause, lodged deeply in the teachings of our schools of economics, finance, and marketing, is what breeds the institutionalized indoctrination of the next generation responsible for our evolutionary atrophy.

We must begin to reinvent the systems of humanity, by unclogging our current systems from inbred falsehoods turned voodoo religions, and instead infuse them with higher-normalization principles, derived from new and better proxies of truths, to systematically improve the excellence of everything we do.

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