Why Would I Want To Raise Funding Through ICO vs. Equity Crowdfunding, Venture Capital, Or Convertible Debt?

Good question. Because you would do anything to raise money.

You see, many of these vehicles are an avoidance of the failing dogmas of venture capital arbitrage, having turned subprime over the last 25 years like all market mechanisms turn subprime when in violation of the most basic free-market principles. Venture capital violates the very laws the United States, as a country, pretends to stand for.

Venture capital, under a government-approved veil, turned private stock hedging, has failed to achieve egalitarian access, transparency, anti-collusion, and a marketplace meritocracy, to name a few pertinent principles to force venture capital’s continual reinvention otherwise.

Hence the notion that you could escape such arbitrage sounds appealing on the surface, and there is plenty of dumb money to go around. But the lack of arbitrage and accountability is like a soccer game without a referee, the absence of a paradox of freedom yielding precisely the vile-maxim of irreverence you seek to avoid.

So, a marketplace in violation of the most fundamental principles of freedom (venture capital today) is just as bad as a marketplace of unbridled freedom (cryptocurrency) without its pertinent paradox to protect and promote public interests. Neither induces the kinds of freedom that establishes public trust in the socioeconomic value you aim to produce.

The best way to bring this question home is perhaps to correlate the phenomenon above to dating. Does the freedom to hook up with anyone, using Tinder or the like, improve your chances to meet anyone of substance? We have plenty of other marketplace evidence to yield a firm “no” derived from reality. Exactly why a cryptocurrency (like bitcoin) will prove to be the proverbial empty cart before the much needed public horse of trust.

The public’s trust I hope you aim to improve with your innovation.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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