What Would Unrestricted Capitalism Look Like?

Well, we have a form of unrestricted capitalism today, for the guardrails to prevent a shallow-depth wide-in-circumference vile-maxim of capital, now in the United States eleven times the size of production (as a contribution to GDP), are a joke of oligarchic proportion. A dysfunctional system anybody willing and able to be enslaved by can take cunning advantage of, and thus by its artificial exclusion is unsustainable on an evolutionary timeframe. Like all totalitarian systems of attempted absolutism have proven to be.

Unbridled freedom without its pertinent paradox leads to the opposite of freedom and consequently submits modern-day enslavement to the wits of narrow and selfish capital interests ignorant to our evolutionary obligations, all while promulgating an infantile pretense of freedom.

Capitalism can only work well and reinvent itself continually (in harmony with our ever-changing evolution) when it is subjugated to the dynamic relativity of freedom as the much-needed impetus for – and source of – renewal. For renewal to prolong our sustainability requires we must first subjugate capitalism to a new evolutionary compass and new foundational guiding principles, a hierarchy we have failed to establish and define (not even in our constitution) leaving capitalism as a widely adopted rebel without an evolutionary cause.

I cannot wait to tell you how my new operating-system for humanity aiming to cure many of our foregone manmade fallacies.

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