The Rabbit Hole Of Economics

Let our longevity as a species demand we take a fresh look at the guiding principles of the operating-systems of humanity.

“Down the rabbit hole” is a metaphor for an entry into the unknown, the disorienting or the mentally deranging from its use in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderlandaccording to Wikipedia.

Policy sans principles

Such a metaphor is precisely my impression when I daily scan about one hundred Google Alert messages about economic policy and economics. Almost without exception, these articles appear deeply stuck in the rabbit-hole of economics from which sound logic, reasoning, causation, and relevance are ostensibly stripped.

No less so than when the Chair of The Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, in a recent speech at Stanford University, refers to economics as an animate object that can decide to change on a dime. An evil omen, for when the inanimate turns animate, does it become abundantly clear we have entered the holy grail of another manmade religion, to which no subversion shall be allowed to challenge its enslaved dependents.

The search for excellence

The problem is anyone with genuine empathy for human solidarity and searching for a better future beyond our well-established walled gardens must realize the next generation will soon ask us the very relevant and poignant question: why?

Why, as the most intelligent species on the planet, did we build the systems we did? Does wealth actually improve humanity? Does the growth rate actually improve society? Does our individual longevity actually prolong humanity? Or, in Einstein’s words, does the thesis we deploy, by the systems we build, actually enable us to discover what we need to?

I set straight these foregone conclusions on this blog all the time, indicating not just the yearning for truth by literally children as young as 14 years old from around the world asking the pertinent questions.

Sinister Santa

Every human being should ask such questions until we run out of answers, prompting us to search for a new normalization of truth that makes sense to all of humanity. Today we are stuck with a steadfast belief in stale economics, much like the belief in Santa Claus, who forget to bring the presents we asked for year in and year out. At what point will we stop lying to ourselves and prevent our children from entering the same rabbit hole as newly minted, disoriented, and deranged?


Now, I bear no ill will against economists or policymakers who have bought into the voodoo of our prevailing economic religion, either by education or a secure job demanding they do. On the contrary, I set up master classes to assist them in their transition. The resistance to attempt to disprove or improve their defiant religion is often palpable. Some have called me names, some have broken up our relationship, yet none of them have won the argument.

So, I cannot care why the so-called experts are uncomfortable; instead, I care deeply about the 99% of people on our planet negatively affected by the false promises of outdated policies daily, my direct offspring included.

Rebel without a cause

Our prevailing religion of economics is a rebel without an evolutionary cause. Worse, it empowers a thesis quite detrimental to human evolution.

Jumping just one level of normalization from the prevailing economic rhetoric quickly discloses how the deployment of money without well-defined evolutionary trust and merit of money yields an oligarchy no different from the pillage-and-plunder of our great-ape ancestors. That same jump also discloses how ignorance of personal health and excessive consumption puts undue and unsustainable pressure on the band-aid of a healthcare system designed to serve the unfortunate incidentals. Need more ammo? Read my other 1,662 blogs.

But that level of normalization does not even begin to describe where we have failed ourselves.

Failure democratized

We have outright failed to realize that instead of attempting to control the world with stifling monisms of make-believe, thrown up by the under-belly of riches, the fate of our species will be determined by how well we adapt to nature’s innate rulings of dynamic relativity, regardless of money. History has empirically proven all attempted monisms wrong, and so will ours, promulgated by the vast and foolish adoption of our failing financial systems—especially the ones perpetuating a flawed and low-level normalization of evolutionary interests.

More specifically, the very failure of humanity induced by our current systems is our systematic denial to grant freedom to each his own. A denial of relativity built into our current systems of humanity that artificially separates the haves and have-nots and redefines the meaning of nature’s survival of the fittest into a manmade vile-maxim of the most cunning.

A new beginning

Our operating systems are broken from the top, not at the bottom, of dangling consequences from disheveled causes where the so-called experts identify the problems. Do not expect real improvement from nebulous adjustments of consequential dials to keep our economic train on the rails for too long. Indeed, changing the interest rates is food for much speculative fodder but does not alter the effectiveness by which humans build more healthy and renewable societies.

Our current systems lack the infusion of much-needed societal principles to secure the longevity of humanity. Thus, they are not normalized at the highest level of our developing comprehension of evolution as they should be and continue to provide low-level guidance to somewhat irrelevant outcomes. How we design new operating-systems for humanity must be paired with our best understanding of how evolutionary processes have worked for (at least) 4.5 billion years. For the simple reason, we will always be subjugated to evolution.

Take ourselves on

We have an opportunity to reinvent ourselves, but we must be willing to take ourselves on. To hold ourselves to new standards of excellence with new accountability to freedom, the kind of freedom to maximize the strength of human renewability. Not with a flat-world pacifier of class-based freedom we have deployed so far, but with the freedom of freedom to each his own, paired with the paradox of freedom to instill trust in our collective evolutionary interests – with the relativity of freedom that inspires and rewards more people for pushing the boundaries of discovery and opportunity.

In the footsteps of Albert Einstein, we must leave our past and decrepit normalizations of absolutism behind to deploy a new relativity theory for humanity instead, racing to grant ourselves the title of the most intelligent major species on earth. And let our longevity, as the proof in our proverbial pudding, reflect the gravitas of such a proclamation.

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The sign of a vibrant, innovative nation is its willingness to pursue the ever-unfolding discovery of nature's truth and reinvent itself continually against those proven new normalizations upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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