Evolutionary Bullshit

It behooves us all to keep an open mind to what we can discover, for when discovery ends, life ends.

The title of this article was the verbatim Facebook comment I recently received on one of my pieces describing how the operating-systems of humanity must be tailored to (our best and evolving understanding of) the process of evolution for humans to prolong sustainability on Earth.

Because that comment was left void of any other words, substance, or reasoning, it can easily be qualified as deposited by an ignorant troll not worthy of rebuttal, were it not for such a comment vicariously communicating the stance of our current Presidential administration.

Now, the most frequent attempt to invalidate a theory of evolution comes from evolution not being considered fully understood. A relaxed yet feeble argument, one by which I could easily disclaim religion. For even in light of incomplete and fuzzy hindsight, religion has proven to be a paralyzing prognosticator for a brighter future of change. Believe what you must, but believing in the unverifiable absolutism of hindsight has already proven to be more foolish than curiosity in the ever-expanding fractal of foresight.

Not understanding something “completely” and gerrymandering all subsequent dependencies is the kind of reasoning preventing – for example – all of us from taking a photograph just because, despite a hundred years of camera development, we do not fully understand what light scientifically is. Indeed, we must begin to understand everything in life is relative, a proxy of understanding, growing in broad-stroke validity by the test of time. Read up on Learn To Think.

Evolution does not exclude or disprove the existence of a higher-order orchestrator. Our past development has merely proven that such orchestration does not come from the frozen theologies we have identified. Inversely, a belief in the numinous should not exclude a belief in evolution.

Regardless of your beliefs, it behooves us, humans, to keep an open mind to what we can discover and elect a government willing to embrace an ever-evolving understanding of the relativity of our existence. Relativity diverges from the make-believe absolutisms of our past that instead allows us to deploy the full might of our intellectual capacity to focus on and explore the unprecedented future that lies ahead. 

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