Why Are We Not Free?

The suppositions insinuated by this question are misplaced. Instead, let me set freedom free for us all.

The title of this article is a question with an inherent supposition of absolutism. As if to suppose there is achievable absolutism of freedom, or as if to assume we have failed to reach such absolutism. Neither supposition is correct for freedom is a relativity theory – to each his own – incapable of being defined by a measure of absolutism.

Instead, freedom must be interpreted as a relativity theory. A perception and pursuit of personal freedom paired with the protection and promotion of collective freedom, the freedom of others. Such is what I refer to as freedom’s paradox, for the protection of collective freedom entails setting guardrails to protect and promote the interests of all people.

No freedom can exist unless we are all free, and thus the interest of the freedom of others is just as important as individual freedom. Let me give you an example. We, in the U.S., can portray to live in the freest country in the world, but we all know such freedom can not exist without the police as the enforcement of a legal system governed to protect our collective interests. In this case, a complex chain of government, the legal system, and the police setting, implementing, and enforcing freedom’s paradox.

Saliently, most of our market-systems (in both the private and public sectors) today lack goals and guardrails from which our collective interest in the outcome of the marketplace is protected from the vile-maxim of individual interests. All of our manmade “markets” violate the most rudimentary principles of a relativity theory of freedom in which our collective and evolutionary interest must be protected from the bad apples who will take such infantile systems for a glorious ride.

We cannot blame the greed of the bad apples, for, in Einstein’s words, the theory determines what can be discovered. And when we fail to set the goals and guardrails of the theory we aim to achieve, we shall not be surprised to learn an insidious vile-maxim will take hold of our future.

It is for precisely that reason I decided to reinvent the principles of all manmade operating-systems. To, for the first time, help us build manmade systems that promote and attach to the longevity of human evolution. And the only way the sustainability of mankind can be prolonged is with a constant renewal of the very application of freedom to us all.


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