Can You Morally Defend The Enormous Inequality In Wealth On Both A National And A Global Scale?

Yes. However, the decision to protect our evolution should not be beholden to elective morality, but instead by the driving ethos of our operating-system for humanity.

Yes, one could morally defend anything, for morality is subjective, to each his own, and thus highly defensible.

Is it moral to make money to take care of your family, which may happen to supersede the morality of such a job adversely affecting the evolution of humanity? For example, some of us worked in the tobacco industry 30-years ago, now yielding the third-leading cause of death and unsustainable ballooning health-care premiums as a result. Realize how the value of morality is in the eye of the beholder and relative to purview.

The problem with morality is that our governments specify only the most obvious of downsides of personal morality, in as such as “thou shall not kill.” But the government has failed to establish what I would refer to as upside morality, meaning what one should do to protect our collective interest from being harmed by a vile-maxim of personal interests.

The evolution of humanity is predicated on the strength of our collective renewal, not on our individual longevity. All of our systems are built to promote the latter, and thus causing the atrophy of our mutual interest. To wit, if we proceed down this path, Homo Sapiens, as the most intelligent of major species on earth, will live the shortest by a long, long shot.

So, if the purview of your morality is tied to the prolonging of the evolution of humanity, we must all come to realize that the length of our sustainability is predicated on the strength (not length) of our renewability, and adjust our morality accordingly. The strength of our renewability from the kind of freedom that endorses and maximizes everyone’s freedom. For when not everyone is free, no-one is free.

Equality, however, I must warn you, is not what causes human evolution to maximize the fringe of our capabilities. Instead, the appreciation of our meaningful differences does. Hence, instead of promoting equality as the cheap karma of absolutism rejecting relativity, one must promote the value of inequality. The value of our innate differences (and the unique appraisal thereof) is instrumental for humanity to continually evolve in a dynamic equilibrium with nature.

We must, therefore, reinvent the operating-systems for humanity for us to tap into a broader standard deviation of evolutionary merit, one that destroys the oligarchy built by a rat-race for money, and focuses all of human ingenuity and capacity – no matter where it comes from – towards the strength of our renewability.

The decision to protect our evolution should not be beholden to elective personal morality, but by a deliberate and systematic approach instilled as the driving ethos in all our manmade systems, and to consequently free all human beings from the debilitating enslavement to ourselves.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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