Why We Need A New Operating-System For Humanity

A new operating system for humanity is not a “nice-to-have” but an absolute necessity to prolong the sanity and renewal of humanity.

Au Naturelle

All animals on earth, including humans, are guided by principles instilled by a process we refer to as nature’s evolution. An adaptable operating-system of sorts (firmware in technology terms) preloaded into the cell structures of all species on earth, witnessed to require no external intervention to evolve the four and a half billion years on earth before humans arrived on the scene. A well-tuned perpetual system of relativity, applying some unique rules to different species in constant evolution and change.

While we humans do not fully comprehend evolution’s workings, principles, or minutiae, we recognize that the longevity of all species is predicated on two essential elements. One, on the evolving hereditary strength from “natural selection” of its predecessors. Two, on the developed strengths and adaptations as “survival of the fittest” during life on earth continually readjusting the arbitrage of aforementioned “natural selection,” the next iteration of a species’ evolution best adapted to an ever-changing equilibrium with its surrounding nature—the prolonging of sustainability of a species served by the evolving strength of its renewability.

Anthropogenic Cascade

Experts predict planet earth will evolve for another three-and-a-half billion years, and our challenge on earth is to extend the longevity of our species as long as possible. As the proverbial ruler at the top of nature’s pyramid, our preservation should be easy, as it is not challenged by another animal species trying to eat us were it not for the operating-systems we built to manage ourselves. Manmade systems in blatant disregard, and violation of, even the most rudimentary principles nature has bestowed on all animal species.

Indeed, our man-made systems meant to strengthen our renewability actually weaken us and thus harm the longevity of our sustainability. We all instinctively know we are on the wrong track, given the unrest in the world. We do not seem to have better answers until now.

Freedom To The Rescue

The freedom necessary to discover our meaningful differences and continually expand the fringe of human potential and evolution is harmed by coagulating oligarchies formed by our systematic denial of freedom’s relativity.  The denial of such relativity of freedom is a direct attack on the evolution of all animal species, including our own. The static assignment of merit derived from our systems, in violation of nature’s dynamic adaptability, subsequently leads to an organized vile-maxim with the pillage-and-plunder of the have-nots, no different from the behavior of our ancient predecessors with half our intellectual capacity. We have changed alright, but not in the way we should.

Indeed, we humans, for as bright as we proclaim to be, have traveled down the wrong rabbit-hole in defining the systems we must deploy to manage ourselves. We must back out of that hole. A new normalization of truth yields better alignment to nature’s law, mimicking and subjugating the systems, ultimately determining the length and quality of our evolution (on earth and extraterrestrial).

Change Nothing

We must change everything we do by changing nothing, is the slogan I use on purpose. “Changing nothing” referring to our subjugation to a better understanding of nature’s law.

As a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, I discovered how our systems in violation of nature’s law, in the words of Albert Einstein (1879-1955), will never deploy the excellence of a thesis that determines what we can ultimately discover. That a system of venture capital, as innovation’s arbitrage, chock full of collusion and violation of evolutionary principles, is systematically unable to detect outliers of innovation, even if those entrepreneurs presented themselves. A system of asset management meant to reap the rewards of diversified risk carries a hydrocephalus of self-induced risk. No critical path can produce consistent long-term returns. And, that a religion of economics, meant to trace and spur human performance, in the words of Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900), is lodged in a debilitating confounding of consequence and cause leading to the grandiose depravity of reason.

The beauty of my discovery is, they are all broken in the same way. The whole stack, consisting of manmade systems to arbitrate policy, capital, and innovation, is broken. Easily fixable when using a new normalization of evolutionary truth.

New First-Principles

Deploying a new operating-system for humanity is not a “nice-to-have” but an absolute necessity to prolong the sanity and sustainability of humanity. The benefits of the principles I invented are immediate, for the improved exploration of human ingenuity is immediate. I cannot wait to tell you about what principles are specifically relevant to you as a policy-maker, economist, asset-manager, venture capital investor, corporation, or entrepreneur in masterclasses tailored to immediately improve the effectiveness of your job while improving your contribution to society.

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