Do You Think China Can Combine A Communist Government With Some Elements Of A Free Market Economy?

The slow letting-go of communism induced by a new and more mature implementation of freedom is the challenge ahead for China.

Yes, China could. But the next question would be if the congruency of goals would yield significant renewable strengthening of humanity.


What Freedom?

You see, communism comes in many forms, and so does freedom. The latter, even by us (in the U.S.) applied as a narrow oligarchic monism, not as the relativity theory of freedom it ought to be. So, can some version of communism deploy some version of free-market mechanisms? The answer will be yes.

But what is freedom without its relativity? Or what is the value of meritocracy without the renewability that can only come from freedom’s relativity? Perhaps if both the definition and implementation of communism and freedom improve at the same time, they could intersect to produce value. For the very relativity of freedom, we aspire to, must recognize and respect many versions of freedom, to each his own.


Pari Passu

Today, however, China is in a tight spot, as for it to grow beyond a manufacturing plant for the rest of the world’s ingenuity, it must itself breed ingenuity. The very ingenuity that comes from a healthy disdain of the status quo, and is heavily dependent on the kinds of levels of freedom the Chinese government has a hard time relinquishing. And we in the U.S. have set a bad example of freedom for China to follow. For freedom without an evolutionary compass merely promotes a vile maxim, with an aimless rat-race for wealth.

The opportunity for China is to slowly enlighten communism, while at the same time embracing a more mature version of freedom than the unbridled and unchecked version of freedom we, in the U.S., have deployed so far. If China can balance the downfall of its current version of communism with the pari passu uprising of the new relativity of freedom, it has as good a chance as any other country to reap the generous rewards of renewability from freedom.

The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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