Do We Really Have A Free Market?

No, we do not. For no absolutism of freedom can ever be deemed free.

Our definition and implementation of freedom, to which the principles of a free-market must be subjugated to, is a debilitating monism. Foolishly copied around the world, with the world not quite realizing how cancer in the underbelly of such monism is growing rampantly and affects everything we do.

Our implementation of freedom is stuck in stifling absolutism, incompatible with the dynamic relativity of freedom assigned to us by nature. One that instead oligarchically controls, assigns and distributes merit only to those willing to be enslaved by its static monism.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” — Goethe

Indeed, we as humans limit our collective ingenuity, capacity, and renewability by taking away the relativity of freedoms assigned to us by nature. We built operating-systems of humanity incompatible with nature, and thus the result of rippling discourse and evolutionary weakening of humanity.

We must build new operating-systems of humanity. Systems that subjugate to a relativity theory of freedom, with the very definition of freedom freed. I have done precisely that.



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