Why Do We Have So Much Social Inequality In The World?

Because we deploy a systematic denial of freedom for all. Freedom as a relativity theory to each his own that is. We must begin to free freedom.

We have built oligarchic systems of make-believe freedom that resist any meaningful mobility and recognition of merit outside its stale and predetermined confines, and thus those systems perpetuate the growing difference between the walled-gardens of the few haves, from being eroded (and renewed) by the potential of the so-called, and predetermined have-nots.

So the next question is, why is the freedom that dims unjust inequality so hard for most oligarchs to accept?

Answer: because an unleashing of freedom to each his own is bound to threaten the oligarchy of the haves, and will limit the ability of the haves to administer less freedom to the have-nots. Courtesy of man’s innate insecurity, with modern-day slavery as the continued vile-maxim and pillage and plunder of humanity.

In the words of Brother John; “We lie because we are afraid to take ourselves on.” We blatantly lie about the freedoms granted to others, instilled and perpetuated by the violation of the most rudimentary principles of freedom in the systems we build.

However, in the words of Brother John, we must take ourselves on (in my words) if the strengthening of our renewability is what prolongs the sustainability of mankind. We must reinvent the operating-systems of humanity, with new principles of freedom and relativity, the evolution of the kind has innately bestowed upon all of us, and we have taken away from ourselves.

We must stop the lies we tell ourselves, and realize a future that infinitely breaks the norm serves us all the better than a regurgitation of a predestined and frozen future, the latter sure to kill us sooner than if we had acted all along like brainless apes.


The sign of an intelligent nation is its willingness and ability to reinvent itself, upstream. Let’s inspire the world with new rigors of excellence we first and successfully apply to ourselves.

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