What Is An Ideal Society Like?

The ideal is a society with the recursive relativity of freedom perpetuated by a new and dynamic operating-system for humanity.

An ideal society is a society in which the many pursuits of individual freedoms (to each his own) are guarded by the protection of our collective interests and trust, to stave off modern-day pillage and plunder of society and to spawn the evolving strengthening of human renewal.

Freedom implemented as relativity theory, using a dynamic meritocracy to recursively renew the very definition of freedom based on the ever-evolving needs of freedom of its participants. Freedom freed by a more modern operating-system for humanity, we are in the process of developing.

We have no such freedoms today, for we have only employed (many versions of) stifling and stale absolutisms of freedom, leaving all of us to clamor on to some outdated version of freedom, not of our own making and not of our desire. The only glimmer of hope coming from the rat-race of wealth by which one can buy certain freedoms not granted to the have-nots, poignantly regardless of how that wealth is acquired and yet, for the vile-maxim it yields, often detrimental to society.

We can and must do better than the latter to demonstrate we are deserving of being called the smartest animal on our planet, for otherwise, we are bound to be the shortest living one.


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