Can India’s economy beat China’s economy if all Indians pay taxes properly?

The measure of an economy is not defined by a rat-race for wealth, but by the strength of its renewable human ingenuity and capacity. We in the U.S. boast about an impressive GDP too, while in the underbelly of such nebulous scorecard 25% of our children are on food support provided by the public school system, with 15.8% in extreme poverty. Proving we are in essence incapable of renewing ourselves, despite our impressive numbers. No wonder we need a flexible immigration policy, like the one that got me here.

Comparing country performance based on GDP is the testament of the grandiose depravity of reason, for GDP is like the final score in a game of soccer; no indication of the type of gameplay. GDP is a consequence, not the cause of economic gameplay. And someone who aims to suggest GDP can measure the performance of two countries is the same fool who seeks to suggest the performance of two games of soccer can be compared based on more or less identical number of goals scored.

So, get your head out of the gutter of the false presumptions our stale religion of economics has bestowed upon us. It is time to reinvent the economics that belies cause and promulgates these popular misconceptions.


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