Is Noam Chomsky Right In Saying, “the only kind of socialism there is is one or another of variety of libertarian socialism”?

Socialism is a symptom – not a system – of groupthink and collusion omnipresent in all systems that attempt to corral people with a single dogma of make-believe. Hence, socialism is a suitcase term identifying many variants of the same consequence, not the cause of specific behavior or outcomes. A systemic confounding of consequence and cause is the source of much manmade depravity of reason (Nietzsche).

Noam is a brilliant person to whom I bow down. Still, his viewpoints over the years offer a debilitating compounding complexity of undesired consequences from root-causes left ill or undefined.

That is where I pick up his baton, identify the root cause, and deliver a solution to our fundamentally flawed operating-systems of humanity, with a new and higher normalization of cause.

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